Friday, July 8, 2011

An introduction to the iPhone Application Development

iPhone now a days the craze of world, it's  being found on everywhere in the world. People are using iPhones with their passion. Now a days some people are interested in Developing iPhone apps. While searching through youtube I've found a video regarding iPhone Application development. Here we go, here's the video:

Introductory presentation slideshow for people who are very new to iPhone App Development written by Simon Kim.

Its too easy create ur own apps for iphone. Its explain why so many apps for iphone today. Any schoolboy can open notepad and create app.
But all apps on iphone on XCode, its like Java byte-code interpreter. Very slow performance. Of course only one task can running at one time, except media player on background.


Ahsan said...

Iphone programs are developing at a rapid pace. The video is so imformative

DJ ARIF said...

@Ahsan Thanks Dude...

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